Nice to meet you. I’m Chau.

About me

I enjoy creating content that makes an impact. Whether it’s offering career advice to young people, building strong brands on social media, or organizing events that bring people together — my goal is to add value to people’s lives, spread positivity, and make the world a little sunnier every day.

My career

Since 2021, I’ve worked as the sole Communications Consultant for the Czech branch of Aeven (former NNIT), a renowned Danish IT service provider.

At Aeven CZ, I’m responsible for everything communications-related for this 250-person office, from internal communication (e.g., newsletters, intranet updates, posters), employer branding (e.g., employee interviews, video production, photography, and social media management), and event management (e.g., research, project management, promotion, and execution).

The scope did seem overwhelming initially, but the workloads come in waves; you’ll enjoy the famous Danish work-life balance with just a little time-management skill. I actually quite like the task diversity and creative freedom this position has given me. It’s a unique opportunity for me to work so closely with the branch’s management team, especially the General Manager.

Before NNIT, I worked at SAP, a German IT giant. And before that, I worked part-time in marketing at a creative agency and a private university in Prague.

My studies

  • Master’s in Marketing Communication | University of Finance and Administration, Prague
  • Bachelor’s in Journalism & Media | Anglo-American University, Prague

Language skills

I speak English on a native level. I graduated with honors in Journalism (Bachelor’s) and Marketing (Master’s), all in English. Throughout my career, I’ve always produced content in different formats in English for international audiences.

Vietnamese is my mother tongue. I can communicate fluently in Mandarin Chinese and have basic conversations in Czech.

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