Photo Essay: Protest against Ex-communist police in Prague

On March 5, approximately 7,000 Czechs flooded Wenceslas Square to protest against the ex-communist police after he was appointed to head of police watchdog. According to the Guardian, Zdeněk Ondráček had served in a unit that beat up pro-democracy demonstrators in the 1989 Velvet Revolution before the fall of communism in what was then Czechoslovakia. Needless toContinue reading “Photo Essay: Protest against Ex-communist police in Prague”

The Challenging Quest to Create University Spirit

“ANGLO-AMERICANANGLO-AMERICAN…UNIVERSITY…WE SHALL CELEBRATE OUR DIVERSITY…WE SHALL OVERCOME ALL ADVERSITY…” That’s how “An Ode to AAU” starts: Idealistic and proud, celebrating university spirit and students’ pride. “University spirit is an energy which comes from the excitement of wanting to participate in school and its activities and the pleasure or satisfaction that participation brings,” said Daniel Padolsky,Continue reading “The Challenging Quest to Create University Spirit”

Hop On in Prague, Hop Off in “Little Hanoi”

When Vietnamese get off the bus in front of Sapa in Prague 4, our home country is before our eyes. The cluttered stores, banks, tourist agencies, schools and newspapers with colorful Vietnamese banners and neon lights welcome us. The aroma of mouth-watering hot bowls of noodles saturate the atmosphere. The sound of our mother tongue melts our hearts. It turns out that home isn’t that far away.